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Thursday, July 17, 2014
“We’re living in scary, dangerous times” said Bob Schieffer, long-time CBS news correspondent said just a few days ago. I’m not sure whether to nod in agreement or scold him for having to be so blatant about it on national television. We know enough. It’s not necessary to remind us of how much killing is going on right now.

This is where I feel the weight as a spiritual figure to somehow show good news. I am a bit shocked at how much conflict is going on, and I want there to be a spiritual nugget in the midst of all this. There’s always been conflict, but it seems to have escalated to a point I haven’t known in my lifetime. At least, I perceive it that way.

What would the God say right now? It seems a bit arrogant to think I would know, but it's times like things where I want to follow where God would lead me. God is the only voice that makes sense. God can actually calm me down. What does God do for you? Let the sensitivity to God's spirit shine forth for you. Listen for it. It's the one not hurting anyone else.


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