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Tuesday, April 21, 2009
I'm going to be traveling in May and then just goofing off in June, July and August, so no more postings for awhile. If you find yourself needing a lectionary fix you can find weekly listings on our Kairos main page. Our Lessons & Breakfast Club continues to meet every Tuesday morning at 8:30am in the back room at Mehri's Little Flower Bakery and Deli, 6923 SE 52nd. If you live in the Portland area, come join us. Amazing food. Great conversation.
Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Focus Text: Mark 16:1-8. The sun baked us that day. Someone borrowed an old Chevy pickup, battered and beaten and bleached by the sun, with crates of asparagus and artichokes in the back, ready for the city market. We threw a dusty tarp over the crates and say Jesus on top; and then the truck sped off down the Sinaloa valley, through the onion fields and citrus groves, kicking up clouds of dust along the way, like a tornado. Every time the truck hit a rut or a rock in the road, Jesus would get jolted backwards, but then he'd pull himself straight again. A woman lifted her naked child off her shoulders and set him down in the dirt by the roadside, as Jesus passed on by. Some of the migrants and campesinos in the fields started waving their shovels and hoes as the truck sped on. And some even threw their hats up in the air and cried out, "Hosanna, al que viene en el nombre del Senior." "Jesus, al hijo de Dios." "Alla lo lejos, Hosanna!" Jesus, his face shiny with sweat and tears, looked as vulnerable as love that day, as he made his way down that dusty road highway, and into the devil’s arcade.

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